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  • Practice in time
  • Practice to drums
  • Song structure is already laid out
  • Make practice fun!




Pre-Structured Songs

I am so happy to offer this section of Riehldrums.  Have you ever thought it would be so much easier to practice if I had drums?  Well even if you have not, think about that for a second.  Have a drum track that is pre-structured and to a metronome is an awesome training tool.  Not only does this let you practice, it also allows you to let your creative juices get flowing with minimal effort.  Listen to the track and play along and all of a sudden you have a song of your own.  Anybody who plays an instrument will be able to use these tracks to open a whole new world to the way they practice. All songs are recorded while using a metronome so if you hate playing to a metronome no worries I have done it for you.  When you listen to the track you will get a count in from the metronome and then your metronome will be the drums.  Make your practice fun again.  If there is a pause in the drums it will be signified by time kept on the high hat.  All of these tracks are played and recorded by me.   Check back often I add tracks as much as I possibly can, and if there is anything in a particular style you would like please contact me.