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Remote & In Studio Drumming

Do you need someone to write or play the drums/percussion that you need?  Well you my friend are in luck.  This is one of the services that I proudly offer.  I am well practiced in all styles of music and able to play to any time signature you can throw my way.  I have studied music for many years, so I am able to read and write music.  Also, I play other percussion instruments too.  Marimba, bells, hand drums, and lots more.  You can either send me your session and I will record to it or if you are concerned with using your own gear I will travel to you as well.  I am currently using Pro Tools 10 or 11, Studio One Professional, and Digital Performer.  If you are interested in having me on one of your tracks please contact me for pricing.  







Sample from Summers Grey recordings:  I did not record or mix the drum tracks (just played them) they were done at another studio.

First song is Moment of Clarity (Summers Grey)

Second song is: Bi-Polar (Summers Grey)

Third song is My Apology (Summers Grey)